Life Science Real Estate Solutions

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Life Sciences

Of late, many US and UK cities have seen a steep rise in the real estate industries coupled with the real and updated needs from the life science sectors. The high demands and challenges of the technology-rich Medical industry have gone through a sea change in the last decade. The high-end tech atmosphere in different disciplines of medicine has compelled real estate dealers and landlord or tenant representatives to possess a whole new perspective to stay up and steady in this industry. Scientific commercial property management is a completely different scenario from different other fields in real estate. To do the dealings like a pro, you need to go deeper and understand this world inside and out.

The area of life science includes a number of different fields, viz. pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, nutraceuticals, biomedical technologies, different biomedical and environmental devices, etc. In the last 5 years, the funding pattern of the industry has changed a lot. This is the time to channel that large monetary surge into the real estate part of this industry. In the last 5 years, capital of $2.5 trillion is raised worldwide, which is a 111% increase from the previous 5 years’ record.

The biggest change or it would be better to say that the biggest upgrade has happened to the technological part of the entire industry. The overall financial investment in the digital health industry had already reached $22 billion in 2019. The figure gets doubled every 2 years. The rate of increase has remained the same during the last decade.

When life science is an important vertical of the real estate sector…

The last few years have seen important reasons for building a real estate industry around the life science sector. The investors get a chance to build a complete portfolio around a huge possibility and not to mention, a healthy sum of investment. The industry spans several universities, laboratories, manufacturing/ testing units, government institutions, etc.

The rapid rising of Covid 19 conditions at a point has shown the world how it is important to have a robust real estate environment dedicated to the life science sector. After all, effective life science real estate solutions around the world are built and formatted around that portfolio. Be it a startup incubator or an R&D facility, this sector offers you diversity in investment. On top of that, the flow of capital into the life science portfolio and high demand has already predicted a bright future for it.

Is life science real estate facing a data-related challenge?

With a higher amount of investment in the industry, the global life science sector has encountered a significant load of challenge in terms of data storage. We help you mitigate this challenge with effective and deep research in the data intelligence real estate. Through collaborations, AI-generated aggregation and granular analysis, we can offer you 360-degree support to eliminate all data related challenges. As a result, your life science related buildings, structures completely future-proof. Our team of scientific commercial property management covers all your requirements and keeps a check on future upgradations that can keep you happy with your investment.