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Tenant Solutions

Tenant Strategies is a complex and detailed area which requires constant and intelligent attention. To put it simply, Stallion Team will negotiate on behalf of our clients for high-rises, corporate offices, business and industrial parks, multi-tenanted premises and property with multi-use features. Cost, time and value are the three pillars we base our strategy on. Keeping in mind the basic principles of marketing, analysis, feasibility and profit, Stallion Team will tailor a custom solution using the best benchmark practices laid down by global experts.

Our seamless model for this very core service is a balance that flows from the Planning stage to the Evaluation stage to Analysis to Final Execution.

The Planning Stage

This is where we first conduct a needs analysis and help the client to plan what he wants, what he expects in return, how best to achieve it, the timelines involved and defining the budget of the client.

The Evaluation Stage

Once again the client’s needs are analysed, but this time with a macro-perspective of what’s feasible in the current market. Do his needs coincide or clash with what can be made possible? We introduce and apply the principles of market analysis and the supply and demand analysis, bearing in mind the client’s needs. Then we evaluate what is possible and what needs to be restructured.


The final analysis is then presented to the client where we inform him of what is the co-relation between his needs, expectations, current market scenario and seal the plan with his consent.

Final Execution

Once the client is clear and confident about what the options are, we begin the process of negotiations and final transactions.

Tenant Representation

Tenants consider themselves a vulnerable lot. We understand this and Stallion Team not only aims to ease their fears about being taken advantage of, in a volatile market but also to make them aware, of the power of their position in a market, that is actively seeking out tenants. Giving them more than just value for their money, we provide them with the latest relocation deals, advice on contracts, negotiations, financial analysis for best site allocation and other post-occupancy services that they may require. Our aim is to analyse what the tenant needs, ascertain his budget and then give him the full benefit of our expertise to his complete satisfaction.