Commercial Real Estate Loans & Financing Services

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B&F Services

You should connect with us for a high-end banking experience that is custom-made for the success of your commercial property. Our team of experts helps you with lending, mortgage, loan, and financing services for your real estate project. Our team of experts has their data ready, backed by several years of experience and thorough research. With deep knowledge about your market, we manage to take the right steps that are essential for pulling out the service that you need at this moment. Counseling and solutions are designed in a manner that you manage to gain consistent service across geographies. After all, your financial service experts are almost your business partners, who are pledged to support you through thick and thin.

Our team of experts has partners in regional and global banks and insurance companies, who help us with their insight into the industry, and together we make your business future-ready. You are ready to address all critical problems that might come your way in the future. You get a custom-made solution that is available across facilities like, retail, headquarters, critical environments and data centers.

Facilities Management…

Your brand is in safe hands if you focus on a facilities management service designed mindfully for your business. The project must be compliant with a globally approved facilities management structure. The unique need of this sector, risks and challenges need to be addressed with bigger integration of smart troubleshooting skills and a huge experience of compliance management. The procedures must be in agreement with the real estate related regulations of the local government. Once you shake hands with us and seal the deal, the entire responsibility of Facilities management is ours. You can relax and proceed with your finance services with ultimate focus to make your clients happy.


If your business requires a considerable sum of capital and it is actually struggling to cope with the budget to run the business effectively, loans can be the best solution to your problem. We offer a comprehensive commercial real estate loans & financing services plan that is designed for the success of your business. You can contact us to avail the same under a profitable agreement. The procedures are completed at a short notice and you get it fast.

Risk Mitigation…

The facilities management of your financial services makes your business risks directly transfer to us without much of the hiccups. You make steady progress towards your business goals and we handle the rest. Starting from the staffing at your facilities to safely disposing off hazardous fluids. The experience encompasses all touch points in the Banking and Finance industries. The overall strategy may handle the needs of data center requirements, retail networks, business floors, needs at the corporate offices, etc.

Effective Project Management…

There are multiple variables that you deal with in the journey of your banking and finance related needs. This requires you to do effective planning for huge portfolios. Along with wide knowledge in the banking finance related domains, your business gets commercial mortgage loans to support you through all your planning, designing, management, construction and close-out plans.